Littleborough track (left) to Stalybridge Raceway (right) vie Bury and Denton. 

Above - Track leaving Littleborough.

Above - Track being cut down.

Left - Track after first cutting down.

Below - Track first fitting into its new home.

While in Bury.
Above - New wiring board.
Above - The new junction box for wiring.
Added 2nd October 2005. While in Denton.

Above pictures show the two half's after they had been sanded, cut down properly and the lanes rerouted.

, We were half way though re taping the other half when it started to rain and put pay to the days work.

Added 9th October 2005.

Left picture show the other half re taped and ready for wiring and painting.

Below pictures shows the track just placed together ready for wiring and and fence, after they are joined together properly.

Added 16th October 2005.
Above Left shows the two half's of the wiring, and on the right the final wiring up of the two half's.
The two half's finally jioned together.
Above and Below the finished track.