Slotstox Cars.

R.M.S.C.C. Cars
Mk 17 built 2006 and first car to have flappy bits.
Mk 16 Built 2005 as a light weight.
Mk15 built 2003. 3rd car to have a to have a drop front axle with hinged at the back with twin arm. Still own.
Mk14 and the 100th car I built and still own.
Mk13. Built as an experiment with the body sitting on a under chassis.
Mk12. built 2002
Mk 10 built 2001.
Mk9 built 2000. Still own.
Mk8 built 1999 and first car to be built with a home made front steering axle.
Mk7 built 1999 and first car to have a drop front axle with hinged at the back with a single arm. Still own.
Mk5 built 1994 and first car to have a drop front axle. Still own.
Mk3 built 1992. Still own.
Left my first R.M.S.C.C. car built by Danny Standring in 1987 and my only car to have the original airfix motor in it and the cars I have built above have Scalextric motors in them. The car is picture here with a brass body on it which I built with the original Danny plastic body in the background. Still own.


L.S.S.C. Cars
L.S.S.C. Rab Unwin Memorial Trophy winner in 2002. 3rd parma motor car built by me.
New car built after a Motor and U bracket was kindly denoted by Chris Chris Clark 24.


Slotstox Fabrication.
Number 108 - Built for 93 - Dave Ashworth
R.M.S.C.C. Track Championship Trophies
Click on the picture to find out how the car was built. Its not a full instruction guide but hopeful will help. If you have an question please email me and I will do my best to answer the question. Or if you think something needs to be explained better again email and I will amend the website.
Click on the picture right to find out how the three R.M.S.C.C. Trophy car's were built.